Singapore is a destination that appears on the feeds of many well-known Instagram influencers. It’s not surprising, as the Asian city is full of photogenic locations with fascinating combinations of urban and nature sites. Here are some of the places you won’t want to miss when you visit sunny Singapore.


Sentosa, which can be reached from Singapore by car or taxi, cable car or monorail, is full of Instagram moments. It is so perfectly landscaped and tidy that it feels like perhaps you shouldn’t walk on the grass. You can stay at one of the luxury resorts and use it as your base to hop off on sighting jaunts. It is kind of like a giant playground for adults and kids alike.

sentosa cable car

The cable car has a range of ticket options including a long scenic ride to take in all the sights from way up high. If you have any fear of heights, you could easily freak out. The cars hang down from the slow-moving cables and gently sway from side to side. You can get off at any station and explore, then continue on your high ride.

There are beachfront attractions including bungy jumping, trampoline jumping in a harness like a circus pro, a water park and loads more. You could spend days roaming around if you wanted to enjoy all there is on offer.

sentosa universal studios

There are also themed attractions, including Universal Studios, spas, heaps of water sports, and zip lining from the jungle to the beach. It is a very family-friendly place to visit and also some free activities that are rather cool and fun.

If you can stay awake long enough after a day of entertainment, you can see the flashy Lake of Dreams show at 11 pm that includes laser effects, exploding water cannons, flaming fierce dragons and an impressive show created by Emmy award winner Jeremy Railton.

Gardens by the Bay

gardens by the bay

Gardens by the Bay had to be on our list of Instagrammable places in Singapore. What an amazing creation and so unexpected in such a cosmopolitan city. Be taken right back to nature as you walk through the gorgeous botanical gardens. Look up and you see the spectacular Supertree Grove. They offer shade in the tropical climate during the day and come alive at nighttime when they light up and inspirational music plays to give a feeling of pure joy. There is a sky walk you can stroll along and an observation deck to hopefully capture that Instagrammable winner shot.

To make the most of Gardens by the Bay, you really need to see it during the day and evening too. Your ticket will allow you to do just that. With lakes, art sculptures, restaurants, themed gardens and wide open spaces, you could easily spend several days in this lush wonderland.

Marina Bay Waterfront

marina bay

Get your camera ready and your walking shoes on for a photogenic stroll around the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade. Beat the heat by enjoying the 3.5 km walk in the morning or late afternoon. If the heat is too much, there are mist spray areas to cool down. The city is really one of the most convenient tourist destinations in Asia and a lot of forward-thinking planning went into the design of the urban paradise. Just as you think of something you need, it magically appears.

Orchard Road Shopping

orchard road

A trip to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without a shopping spree on Orchard Road. Get ready for the glamorous shopping malls, luxury stores and bargains galore that await you. Your hashtag might be #sorrycreditcard once you finish shopping, but you will be a happy shopper for sure.


Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown

This is the place you will get a color pop Instagram shot. The colorful and bustling streets of Chinatown have something for everyone. This is the place where you can claim some unique shopping finds. If something special catches your eye, be sure to grab it because you probably won’t see it in other parts of Singapore. And with the maze of markets in Chinatown alone, you probably won’t later be able to find your way back to the same shop.

Foodies can find their happy place in Chinatown. With rows of street food, nice restaurants and options galore, you can sample local food; and don’t forget to try the famous Hainanese chicken rice dish. If you see locals lining up patiently at certain places, don’t hesitate to join the queue. It will surely be worth the wait.

You can also get your religious culture fix all in Chinatown by visiting a mosque, Hindu temple and a Buddhist Temple. Each are beautiful, peaceful places where you are welcome to visit, pay respect, observe the culture and architecture, and be sure to make a small donation.

Singapore is a beautiful place and it’s no surprise the country has a high rate of return tourists. You really do need several visits to Singapore to cover all the scenic and exciting places on offer. The mix of technology and urban city life blended with nature is really a special aspect of this Asian country. You surely will be posting on Instagram a truly inspiring and beautiful collection of photos to inspire other travellers.