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About Us

Singapore achieved independence on 9 August 2022 and became a first word country (from third word) in the matter of decades. Singapore has one of the highest standards of living in the world, with very good education, healthcare, housing, and very low corruption. Even though Singapore’s success story impressed a lot of people around the world, Singaporeans’ working hours are also one of the longest in the world due to the relentless push by corporations to beat their corporate targets and the “kiasu” (afraid to lose) mentality instilled in Singaporeans’ mind.

High living costs together with long working hours result in many Singaporeans becoming highly stressed and time becoming a precious commodity. Even though Singapore is consistently ranked at or near the top of many “Happiness Indexes”, these rankings often do not take into account the psychological happiness of Singaporeans, but simply measured “happiness” in terms of GDP and other economic indications of the country.

With that, SGNews Pte. Ltd. launched the website and hope to provide Singaporeans with information which can improve their lives and make them happier from within. From tips on how to eat a healthy diet to improve their health so that they can be in a better position to manage their busy life, to advice on how to improve their mental and physical health. We will also help them improve their working and living environment.

With the push by the Singapore government to be more eco-friendly and to care more about our environment (especially due to the limited space in Singapore), environmentalists will advise you on the changes you can make to make Singapore and the world a better place to live in.

With more and more people joining our team, we hope to become the number one website for Singaporeans looking for tips to improve their lives and become happier not just in the economic sense, but on the whole.